After an intense storm sweeps through, many families are left feeling vulnerable. When properties are damaged and people’s homes are destroyed, storm chasers often come around to take advantage of these people. They do inconsistent work for insanely high prices. What many people don’t know is that there are local construction companies that are qualified to take on the job.

Vandermeer Construction is a local construction company that is qualified to take on the job. We have been providing storm restoration roofing services to homes in Plainfield, IL and Pocahontas, AR and their surrounding areas since 2011. While we continue to grow, we’re always dedicated to helping others recover from the aftermath of a storm.

Local Expert Storm Repair Builders

When a big storm hits your roof is always at risk of damage. Each style of roof is susceptible to damage as metal roofs could get dented or even punctured, while shingles could become loose and eventually fall off. It doesn’t matter which type of roof you have, when a storm hits it’s at risk of getting damaged.

Roof damage is something many homeowners need to watch out for. Any damage to the roof allows an opening for water to get through and cause even more damage to the house. To prevent destruction from happening, it’s important to make sure the damages get prepared before another storm comes through. Our crew services homes in Plainfield, Illinois and Pocahontas, Arkansas to make sure everyone has roofing restoration services after a bad storm hits.

What Causes Damages To Your Roof During A Storm

When the wind is high, it can cause all sorts of damage to your roof. This could be anything from blowing older shingles off to rocks and other forms of debris hitting your roof. Hail is another force of mother nature that can do some serious damage to your home. High winds can also cause trees to fall over, putting your home at risk.

Luckily the team at Vandermeer Construction is made up of certified and fully licensed roofing experts. We have the right tools to get the storm repair job finished and know how to use them. Our superior attention to detail means that our work always goes above and beyond the requirements of building codes. When we come to your home, we don’t leave until you have a safer roof to live under.

Inspection Services

If you’re not sure whether or not you need roofing services after a storm, it’s always a good idea to get a professional roofing inspection just to be on the safe side. Our team of expert roofing technicians are willing to come out to do a free inspection to evaluate what your roof needs to meet building requirement codes. You don’t want to risk allowing water damage to get into your home. Storms are likely to cause dents or holes that could allow water to seep in. You may not be aware they are there, but you won’t have to worry because our technicians know what to look for when they’re doing a roof inspection.

Best of all, our crew is experienced in all aspects of roof repair. There is no job too big for olur crew to handle after a big storm hits. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years and know how to make sure your house is safe enough to pass inspection codes, so you can get back into your home.

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What To Expect From Vandermeer Construction

When our team shows up at your doorstep, their first job is to access the damage and figure out how they are going to handle the roof’s needs. Their top priority is to make sure your roof is safe and secure to stay up through the next storm. We will perform emergency services to your property to make sure everything is ready for the big repair. Once all of your belongings are safe and secure, our team of experts can begin to restore your roof. We will handle every aspect of the job to make sure your roof is even better than it was before the storm hit.

We’re the most trusted company in Illinois for roof restoration after storms cause damage. No other company can do as good of a job getting your home back to normal than the crew at Vandermeer Construction. In all our years of business, we have faced almost every storm related challenge imaginable. We’ve seen everything from trees landing in the living room to back porches blowing away. No scenario is too intense for our crew to work through.

Our team handles all aspects of storm repair and restoration. No storm cleanup job is too much for us to handle. Contact us whenever you need any of the following:

Emergency Services 24 Hours a Day

Emergency Board Up

Insurance Assistance

Repair and Reconstruction Services

Free Storm Damage Assessments 

Wind, Water, and Hail Damage Repair

Structural Stabilization

Tree Removal & More

Storm Damage Restoration Process

Emergency Contact: Always call Vandermeer Construction upon first sight of storm damage to have one of our licensed technicians guide you through the restoration process.

Thorough Inspection: Before doing any repairs, the expert teams at Vandermeer Construction will do a free inspection to figure out exactly what needs to be done to keep your home safe.

Insurance: Are you worried about insurance? Our team will make sure to fill out a detailed report for your insurance provider.

Disaster Mitigation: Before any of the restoration process can occur, our crew will need to perform a disaster mitigation. This is when they clean out the damaged space and the team finds a way to prevent further damage.

Restoration: After all these steps are complete, the crew from Vandermeer Construction will begin to perform the restoration process to make your home safe again. Your home will be ready for the next storm to come.

Certified & Tested by Major Manufacturers

At Vandermeer Construction, we work with the best manufacturers in the business to bring our customers the highest quality materials. All construction services we provide are installed to meet or exceed all current industry standards.

Professional Team

Professional Team

Our team puts service and quality first.

Stunning Results

Stunning Results

We guarantee stunning results in the highest quality

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